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30 Maret 2011

Strada Triton

Strada Triton GLS / GLX

If you like the tough looking Mitsubishi Strada Triton double cabin, then you going to love the latest Strada model that replace the Triton Double Cabin GLX model.
PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors as the distributor of Mitsubishi in Indonesia has unveiled the new Mitsubishi Strada Triton HD-X with an improved technology compare to its predecessor the Triton Double Cabin GLX and a higher ground clearance. The unveiling ceremony in Balikpapan, West Kalimantan was attended by many automotive journalists.


Strada Triton HD X

2011 Mitsubishi Strada Triton HD-X Double Cabin replaces the Strada Triton GLX Double Cabin
The Mitsubishi Strada Triton HD-X overall length is 5,040 mm long, 1,750 mm wide and 1,775 mm tall. The total weight of the vehicle is 2,830 kg.
Although the exterior of the Strada Triton HD-X only get minor facelift, the technology improvement are concentrated on the wheel, suspensions or the under carriage of the car which make the Strada Triton HD-X  even more suitable for the rough terrain where it works.
The 5 speed manual transmission engine is still powered by 2.8 litre SOHC, inline 4-Cylinder In Direct Diesel Injection or Natural Aspiration capable of producing 97/4000 PS/rpm and 20.2/2000 kgm/rpm maximum torque output. The fuel tank can hold up to 75 litre of diesel fuel.

M-Locker Differential system that allow the Strada Triton HX-D to keep its traction when riding on the mountain slopes
The changes started with the bigger MT 245/75 R16 wheel specially designed for rough terrain and the rims using 16″ x 7JJ Light Alloy Wheel. The 225 mm ground clearance as a result of the bigger wheel provides a safer drive on those plantation or mining roads.
The suspension system is using 6 Rigid Elliptic Leaf instead of 5 likes the GLX. The rear suspension also uses hydraulic suspension for smoother performance and better corner maneuvering. An oil seal placed at the front hub bearing to prevent mud and water sipping into the engine compartment.
Strada Triton HD-X also equipped with M-Locker Differential system that allow the car to keep its traction when riding on the mountain slopes.
The Easy Select 4WD Shift-on-the-fly allows Strada Triton HD-X to shift from 2WD to 4WD while the car is running. However, it is recommended to use this feature for a speed up to 100 km/hour only.
Just like the GLX, the Strada Triton HD-X also packed with safety feature such as RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) as well as thick ladder frame construction act as crimple zone support to protect passengers from collision.

The interior is simple and get to the point
The interior as expected for this type of car is simple, to the point and easy to clean material such as vinyl. The sound system is 1 Din CD-MP3, AM/FM with 4 speakers, air conditioner, multi mode meter and 4 ELR seat belts.
The Strada series was first introduced to Indonesia by Mitsubishi in 2002 with L200 Strada. In 2004 it changes its name to just Strada and specializing in serving the plantation and mining company in remote areas with its 4×4 single and double cabin models.
In 2008 the Strada series completed its transformation into Strada Triton with its top of the line model is Strada Triton Exceed priced at Rp 316 million. The Strada Triton series in 2010 sold 6,196 units which is an increase of 29 percent from the previous year sales.
The 2011 Mitsubishi Strada Triton HX-D is priced at Rp 268 million and available in 4 colour options which are cool silver metallic, white solid, deep black mica and red solid.


                                                                Mesin Strada Triton

Strada Triton Kuning

Pameran Strada Triton


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